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Why every Business needs a logo and a website?

In today's financial climate, sales and marketing have to be a critical priority for all small and medium sized firms. Finding, developing and sustaining markets is going to be tougher. SME's operate in an already crowded market place, so competing and winning business against new and established players takes a lot of hard work and some degree of luck. Portraying the right image, through a distinct visual identity that is reflected in logos, trademarks, and business branding is one way of winning this battle. Establishing values that set you apart from the competition then integrating them into all cross media marketing and promotion will reinforce your presence when put in front of buyers.

Pointers to Visible Success Starting a new enterprise, launching new product or service, changing the company's image or placing your products into new markets requires an experienced eye with the expertise and talent to create and implement a distinct logo and consistent brand identity. Creating a strong identifiable impression that will continue to deliver and stay relevant for many years requires a broad and objective strategic approach. To stay ahead of your business competition, increase the level of awareness and reinforce your presence in today's sophisticated marketplace you should consider: 1. Elements that make your business, products and service unique. 2. Internal and external business criteria it has to address. 3. Forms and formats it will need to be reproduced for. 4. Having a minimum and maximum budget that will allow you to match feasible solutions to your objectives. 5. Any existing colors, styles, text or content has to be integrated into any new design. Daring to be Different New and various ways of doing things that you can translate into a new company logo, web content, business literature, and publicity will set you apart from other firms looking for the same slice of pie and add value to the products and services you offer. Once properly established the visual identity and brand the business establishes should work successfully for many years before needing any major change or overhaul. Once the identity is out there, it should be an adaptable way of representing the company visually across all marketing and sales activity. Look at any of the big brands in business and on the high street today, and you will see an identity conceived for the long haul, but which has been flexible enough to have remained in the mainstream by slight alterations as customer aspirations change. Resisting the temptation to rush straight round to your local printer with your business initials scrawled on the back of an enclosure and asked him to print up your stationery set. Chances are you'll be left with poor quality or indistinct identity that will have to be changed if you are serious about winning sales.

Having a website that visitors enjoy using is the secret to achieving success online, in other words, an enjoyable "user experience." The web design experts have collected the following 6 easy tips for achieving success online: 1. Intuitive Navigation This is a critical element of any website. Intuitive navigation refers to website design that is organized in such a way that users can easily find what it is they're looking for, and navigate easily from web page to web page. There are a few tactics that web design specialists can do to achieve this, such as incorporating the main navigation bar, call-to-action, and sidebars. Be Unique A logo design isn't there to only display the name of the company; it also aids in identifying the brand of the firm from its competitors. This is why it is significant for the logo image to stand out from the crowd. Although, many logo design services struggle to get this. The most crucial thing is to create something which you actually believe is different from anything which is out there. 2. Strategic Colour A neutral color palette can give your website achieve that contemporary, elegant feel you find on many successful e-shops nowadays. Splash a bit of color on the important headlines or key graphics to help visitors to your site easily find what they're looking for. It's also important to ensure text on your site contrasts with its background so it can be easily read. 3. Professional, High-Grade Images Nothing says unprofessional like poor quality images on a website, leaving visitors with a less-than-impressed opinion of your company. Invest in professional photography to show your audience that you're serious about what it is you're selling. Good quality images can also help connect users with your brand on an emotional level, increasing the likelihood that they'll make a return visit to your website, and make another purchase. 4. Easy-to-Read Fonts Say goodbye to Comic Sans and hello to clean, professional fonts that scream "I know what I'm talking about"...(I'm an Avenir person, but Helvetica works too). When choosing fonts, also keep in mind that people will be looking at your site from a mobile and tablet device as well, so ensure you adopt a universal font that's scalable and clean...So none of this, or this, and not thus. 5. Responsive Design With the introduction of "mobile first" indexing, having a responsive website design is more critical than ever. For those that don't know, responsive design refers to sites that adapt across a multitude of devices, namely smartphone and tablets, but also large monitors such as iMac's whopping 27-inch screen. A better user experience on mobile devices typically translates into more sales. And keep in mind, more people search on Google from mobiles than desktops now, so this isn't one to ignore. 6. Professional Logo (that links to 'Home' page) Any web design expert recommends having a polished, professional-looking logo that is easy to find and links users back to the home page. After all, your logo is an integral part of your branding strategy. Use a high-res image and feature it in a prominent position on each landing page of your site, such as the upper left-hand corner. Having a professional website that's both aesthetically pleasing and easy to will make a tremendous impact on metrics such as visits to your site, time spent on the site, conversion rate, and eventually, return on investment. Below are only a few of the many factors which should be considered when you're searching for a web design company:

  • The best place to start your research when you're looking for a web design company is to look at testimonials and their portfolio. This will give you an idea of their capability to undertake projects.

  • It is incredibly important that you choose a web design company that has relevant expertise such as experience in delivering web design to suit their client's needs. You don't want to be working with beginners; you want to be working with season professionals.

  • The best web design companies are the ones that understand your particular requirements and suggest solutions which are feasible. You should never compromise quality to get a lower price for web design services. A web design Company might be willing to lower their price to get your business; however, it is more than likely that they won't deliver a quality service.

  • It is vital that you have the support and help you need for a web design company. If you have long term requirements, then you should choose a web design that can provide you with aftersales maintenance.

  • The best web design companies offer a comprehensive website solution, i.e., they provide complementary website development services such as SEO, content writing, graphic designing, etc.

The above-mentioned points will ensure that you choose a web design company who truly believes in providing value-based services to their clients. It is important that the web design company you choose fully understands your business goals for them to translate them into an effective and professional online identity. Professionally designed and constructed logo provides a constant and effective signature keeping your company name in the minds of the people who will help your business flourish. Handing over the process to proven expertise in the design field can bring huge returns on investment regarding the credibility it gives a company and the sales it helps win.

Contact LIVMI Studio for a free quote to your new branding journey.

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