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Top 10 branding design trends in 2018

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

When talking about a brand's design, many companies focus on the creation of a logo, a name and a slogan—but in reality, that's not all you need. Although design trends change every year, there is something that always remains. The purpose of a professional design is to convey the message of the brand and have a lasting influence on the new techniques and new visual trends in the new year. For all those who want to change their brand's graphics or who want to give a visual identity to their project, here are nine logo trends that should inspire you. Follow these trends in 2018 to strengthen your brand.


The colors and shapes of business designs in previous years trended towards a minimal aesthetic, but that should not be the case forever. We can adjust to have a colorful 2018! Bold colors and are now in fashion. 3D illusions are also now in—the term refers to a product in a loud tone, is often positioned on the same color background, so that it stands out only by its three-dimensionality. It's a very nice stylistic element, which we will certainly encounter more often next year.

In terms of color, the "Color Channels Effect" is also very much on the rise. Graphic artists tease out the color channels in design software, creating an effect reminiscent of a hallucination—altered and mystical. A nice example of this is the current movie poster by Flatliners .

2. Flat 2.0

Monochrome was popular last year, especially in flat design. These and modern design elements, which lend depth with realistic effects (i.e. through gradients and shadows), seem to like to take turns in the limelight. In 2018 we will not experience either one or the other, but a third variant—a combination of both: Flat 2.0.

Here, flat elements are mixed with elements that make the design no longer seem so, such as with shadows or gradients. We take this refreshing design style, which has already come to our notice this year, into the New Year, where it will certainly find more use.