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LIMVI Studio’s Latest Collaboration with B1ack Reveals a Dynamic Line of Lifestyle Products

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Having recently rebranded their company, LIMIVI Studio has also launched a new website and is on a roll with new projects. The studio has now collaborated with B1ack to create an innovative line of lifestyle products.

(Irvine/April 22) – LIMVI Design Studio is a California based company offering a bevy of design, marketing and web development services to a diverse portfolio of clients. Helping their clients adapt to an elegant and minimalistic style, the company’s name is an abbreviation for ‘Less Is More Visual Identity’. B1ack is a dynamic lifestyle brand with the same motto of minimalism and understated luxury. When the two companies sat down and started working together, their ideas culminated in a new line of home and lifestyle products called ‘LIMIVI x B1ack’.

The ‘LIMVI x B1ack’ line consists of high-quality and hand made products that pertain to a dark aesthetic and offer a unique style. The products include exfoliating cloths, cotton swabs and other home commodities that have been reimagined with a new completely black design. A spokesperson for LIMVI Design Studio made an official press statement to discuss the new collaboration.

“Here at LIMVI Design Studio, we have constantly vouched for a minimalistic aesthetic. Being a highly client-oriented company, our services include digital strategy, online marketing, art direction, data management and much more. We are constantly looking forward to collaborating with likeminded people and create remarkable projects,” stated the spokesperson.

The spokesperson further added “The ‘LIMVI x B1ack’ collaboration introduces a line of all-black products that are not only completely handmade but also help consumers reduce their waste. Currently consisting of bath products and a gift set, these all-black products provide an artistic take on household items that were previously perceived as merely utilitarian.”

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