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Tuo Zhang | LIMVI Studio secures the prominent A' Design Award

Como, Italy, April 20, 2019 /DESIGNPRWIRE/

A' Design Award and Competition is pleased to announce that the project EarthQuick Educative Game Appby Tuo Zhang has been honored with the renowned A' Design Award in Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Competition Category.

Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Category A' Design Award Medalist

A' Design Award and Competition is encouraged to announce that the education project EarthQuick by Tuo Zhang has been granted the renowned A' Design Award at Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Competition marked as a winner by the respected judges of the A' Design Awards & Competitions within numerous submitted works.

Concerning EarthQuick

Tuo Zhang, the project leader of the award winning education design work EarthQuick demonstrates “EARTHQUICK is the proposed interactive mobile application to teach children how to prepare for the coming of an earthquake. The goal of this application uses interactive games to teach children how to protect themselves during the earthquake. EARTHQUICK will enhance children's awareness of self-protection, as well as giving them an interactive playground to learn the best way to protect themselves. During the brainstorming stage, the team researched the usage of color, font, and characters that can be interesting to Children. They created a wireframe based on the research, and then interface.”

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Team Members for EarthQuick Educative Game App

EarthQuick Educative Game App was conceived by Tuo Zhang

The A' Design Award

The A' Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 20% percentile designs that has accomplished an exemplary level of quality in design. Entries to the A' Education Design Awards are peer reviewed and anonymously judged by a grand jury panel of prominent academics, important press members and experienced professionals. Nominated education designs are voted on pre-determined evaluation criteria to highlight only the top education design works. In addition to reaching top international media, A' Education Design Award winners are listed at World Design Rankings (, are highlighted at Design Classification ( platform and are showcased at which lists the best designs from all countries in all disciplines.

About A' Education Design Awards

A' Education Design Award aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best education designs and greatest education design concepts worldwide. The A' Design Accolades are organized and awarded annually and internationally in multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience. The ultimate aim of the A' education Design Competition is to create a global awareness for good design.

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Image Credits Illustrator, Animation, UI Design credit belongs to Tuo Zhang.

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